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Showing posts with label Blogger Tips And Tutorials. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Blogger Tips And Tutorials. Show all posts

How To Change Post Author Name On Your Blogspot

If you want to hide your google name or want to keep your name in private, you can change your author name of your blog in all your posts. How to do this?

Follow this step by step procedure
1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.
2. Click Edit Template.
3. Click inside the template, press control F.
4. Input this code <data:post.author/> then press enter.
5. You can see many  <data:post.author/> lines in your template code. On my blogger I find 3  <data:post.author/>. All you have to do is replace it with your desired name or username, whatever you want. Me, I replace it with Cellphoneyeta as seen in the image below.
6. Finally, click SAVE and you're done.




How To Install Blogspot Theme

The title is how to upload blogger theme or the template. Since I am not more on blah blah blah, i will teach you rught away on how to upload your theme on your blogger. You must know that there are many default themes available. But if you like more nice, you can download blogger themes on the net.

How to upload? Log in to your blogger dashboard, template. You need to back up first before installing your template. Follow video below.


How To Start A New Post On Blogger

You have learned How To Create GMAIL Account, How To Create Your Blog, How To Delete Your Blog. This time you will learn on How To Create A New Post on your blogger blog. To start a new post, just log in to your blogger dashboard. Click the icon with a pencil like drawing. Then you will first compose you title, then you may create now your articel. Then on the right side, type the label of you post. Label is just like the root word, or the topic. Like this post that I am doing, my labels are, How To, Blogger Tips And Tutorials. You can still add other labels if you still have in your mind, if you wish to. The finally press "publish".

Take a look at the images below for step by step guide.


How To Delete Your Blog

After knowing How To Create Your Blog, you must know also how to delete your blog if you feel you don't need your blog anymore. To delete your blog go to your blog dashboard. Click settings, and others. Follow instructions below.


How To Create Your Blog

Since you have already your gmail account, this time I will teach you how to create your first blogspot. If you still don't have you gmail account, just here, How To Create GMAIL Account. Creating a blog requires a GMAIL account, so you must have it.

To create a blog, go to this link, www.blogger.com/home and sign in with you GMAIL account. The press the tab "new blog" See complete step by step image tutorial below.

click this tab

1. Type the title of your blog.
2. Choose the url of you blog.
3. Choose default theme of you blog. Later I will post on How To Upload Theme if you want to change your theme.
4. The press "create blog".

success creating your first blog


How to automatic re-size your images in blogs

When you are reporting, you must have visual aid so that the audiences will understand what you are reposting for. In article writting, you must have the images, screenshots to be displayed to support your reports or articles. And it has a very big help to describe our articles. So you must have some images in your report.

But what is the standard size of images must use in your blogs? Are you going to resize all your images and insert it in your article? Well, if you does, you may consume lots of time. Instead just put some tricks in your html templates in order to auto re-size your  images. How to to this? It's very simple. Log in to your blogger dashboard. Click on template. Edit HTML. Then click any part inside, and press "control F". You will see search at the right upper side.

 Find </style>.
 Above it paste this code:

 post-body img { width: 400px; height: auto;}

You can customize the size of your width whatever you want. See picture below.

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