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How To Hard Reset Myphone My83 DTV

Here is a way on how to hard reset your Myphone My83 DTV.

1. Take out the battery. Then put it back.
2. Press both Power On button and Volume Up button until you see the Philippine logo.
3. Wait until you see the Android System Recovery.
4. Choose "wipe data/factoiy reset.
5. Choose "delete all user".
6. reboot the system.
7. Smile

credits: hiper


How To Hard Reset MyPhone Agua Hail

Here is a tutorial on MyPhone Agua Hail

1. Turn Off the Phone, press both volume up and down, then press also power on. You will see to selections.

2. Press Volume up for recovery mode.

3. Press Power button shortly.

4. Select "wipe data/ factory reset", press home touch pad to do the process.

5. Select "delete all user data", and press home touch pad to do the process.

6. Finally Reboot the system.


How To Unlock MyPhone My28 Via Flashing

Here is a guide on How To unlock your MyPhone My28 lock in Smart provider.

1. Download Flasher.
2. Download Firmware.
3. Download SPD Driver and install it.
4. Open UPGRADEDOWNLOAD_R2.9.9015 folder. Open Bin folder and look for UpgradeDownload. Double click to open the software.
5. From the software, click Load Packet. Browse the firmware or the PAC file named MyPhone My28_Smartlock(OPENLINE) by Team28DEVS.
6. Press start downloading.
7. Power off the phone. Press volume down and insert the usb cable(note: all drivers must be installed, or else the program will not run)
8. Wait until finish.
9. Finally take out the battery, and reinsert. Power on the phone. Wait for a few minutes.
10. SMILE.

credits to: Team28DEVS


How To Fix MyPhone Agua RIO Fun V1 Hang On Logo

Good evening guys, I will teach you How To Fix your MyPhone Agua RIO Fun V1 stuck on logo.

1. Download all necessary files.
2. Open Flash Tool. Click Scatter-loading and look for MT6572_Android_scatter.
3. Press Download. Take out the phone's battery, then insert. Insert usb cable. The software will detect the unit and will start to run.
4. Wait until finish flashing.
5. Power on the phone and......................SMILE :)


How To Hard Reset MyPhone RIO Craze

Here's the procedure on how to hard reset MyPhone RIO Craze

1. Turn Off  Your Phone.
2. Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button and wait until it appears the Recovery and Factory Mode.
3. Press Up to select Recovery mode wait until  android comes out.
4. Press Power button to go to Android system recovery.
5. Use Volume Down to select "wipe data/factory reset", then press left sensitive keys to confirm.
6. Select "Yes-delete all user data", again confirm by pressing left sensitive key.
7.Reboot System


How To Fix Myphone Aqua Rio Stuck On MyPhone Logo

Did you break your Myphone Agau Rio? Did it end up stuck on MyPhone logo only and won't start up? Did your Myphone Agua Rio keeps on restarting or rebooting? And you did the Hard Reset combination but it doesn't solve the problem? What will be your final solution for this? Yes! You must flash it. How?

How To Flash Myphone Aqua Rio With SPFlash Tool
1. Open SPFlash Tool. Click on Scatter-Loading and browse for MT6582_Android_scatter.
2. Click Download then insert USB cable. Wait until finish.

credits to boss systemblock for the image and files

How To Flash Myphone A848i Duo

This is the final software solution to resolve your MyPhone A848i Duo whenever it stucks to Android logo and it doesn't solve via Hard Reset key combination. If you want to know how to hard reset A848i Duo, just link it here.

Things You Needed:

Procedures In Flashing:
1. You must install first the phone's driver. Power on phone, insert USB and install drivers properly.
2. Extract all rar files. Open SPFlash Tool software. Click on "Scatter-Loading".
3. Browse and look for "MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt"
4. Remove your battery and Plug the USB chord to your phone then Click on "Firmware-Upgrade". (Note: Once you click on "Firmware Upgrade", put your battery back inside your phone)
5. Wait until finish.
6. When flashing, remove USB cable, remobe battery and put it back. Power on the phone and SMILE :)


MyPhone Agua Storm Hard Reset

1. Press altogether: Volume Up, Volume Down and Power On button.
2. Press Volume Up button.
3. Press Power On button.
4. Select "wipe data/factory reset. Press Left Soft Pad to do the process.
5. Select "delete all user data". Press Left Soft Pad to do the process.
6. Reboot.
7. SMile ka na!


How To Flash Myphone Agua Rio Lite S4700 Via SPFlash Tool

If there comes an event that you've bricked your Myphone Agua Rio Lite S4700 you can flash it on SPFlash Tool.

Here's how:
1. Download SPFlash Tool and firmware.
2. Open SPFlash Tool. Press scatter loading and browse for the scatter.txt.
3. Click Download. Power off the phone, press Volume down and insert usb cable until SPFlash Tool detects it. Must install drivers.
4. When the software begin to run wait until it's done.

thanks to benzi for the images

How To Remove TARA Application On Myphone Iceberg Slim

Operating System or Software Version
Android 4.2
Hardware Platform
MT 6582
1.3GHz Quad Core
GSM Band
Data Segment
Flash Memory
Touch Lens
Input Method
Android Keyboard
External Memory
LCD Type
LCD Size
LCD Display Resolution
HD 1280*720
Front Camera
5 MP
Back Camera

8 MP

TARA application from MyPhone is a security feature made by MyPhone. It is an anti-theft app support that is run by MyPhone. TARA Application can be remove by flashing the phone with SPFlash Tool.

Procedures On How To Remove TARA Application
1. Open SP Flashtool.
2. Load scatter file (mt6589.txt)
3. Check with ebr1 and ebr2 only
4. Click download.
5. Turn off phone. Hold Volume Up and plug the usb to your pc and phone. Must install drivers.
6. Wait until the download success (green circle)
7. Finally Hard Reset the Unit. How? Hold Volume Up and Power On button (recovery). Wipe data/reset, mount and storage wipe sdcard, and lastly reboot the system


How To Hard Reset Myphone Agua Rain 2g

Here is a simple procedure on how to Hard Reset your Myphone Agua Rain 2G whenever it stucks on "too many pattern attempts", bootlop, or stuck on logo only. If ever it doesn't solve your problem, you must flash now your Android SmartPhone, that's the only way.

How To Hard Reset Myphone Agua Rain 2g
1. Press Volume Up, Volume down and Power on button untill you see the 2 choices.
2. Press Volume up then you will see the Android icon with red triangle and exclaimation point inside, below says "No command".
3. Press Power On key shortly, and you will be directed to Android system recovery.
4. All you have to do is to choose the "wipe data/factory reset" by using your volume down.
5. Press the HOME pad(left soft pad) to do the process. Choose "Yes--delete all user data", again press the HOME pad.
6. Wait until finish formatting. Finally reboot the phone.


How To Hard Reset MyPhone Ocean Mini

Let's take a look at first the MyPhone Ocean Mini features before the Hard Reset instructions.

The OCEAN MINI has a 3.2 inch screen, making it one of the smaller smartphone screens.

Processor and Memory
The OCEAN MINI houses a dual core MediaTek 6572M processor. Its CPU runs at 1 GHz, which is slightly slower than average for a smartphone CPU.

256 MB of RAM means that it has below average RAM than an average smartphone, which will hinder overall phone performance.

It has a 1.3 megapixel primary (rear) camera.

The base model of the OCEAN MINI offers 0.5 GB of internal storage, which makes it a poor choice for storing multimedia.

If 0.5 GB isn't enough, you can expand its storage by up to 32 GB via microSD.

Edge/2G (GSM/GPRS)
GSM Networks
900 MHz
1800 MHz
1900 MHz
source: smartphones.findthebes

4 East Steps On How To Hard Reset MyPhone Ocean Mini
1. HOLD Volume Up and Down + Power Button.
2. Select Recovery Mode(vol. up) or Factory Mode(vol. down) PRESS Volume Up for Recovery Mode.
3. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset -- To select press the button next to Home Button. Then Select Yes/Delete All Users Data
4. Then select Reboot. SMILE :)


How To Fix Bootloop On MyPhone A858 Duo

There's an issue on MyPhone A858 Duo that commonly known as bootloop. Bootloop is when your MyPhone A858 Duo keeps on restarting and restarting. Even if you try the Hard Reset method, it doesn't fix the problem. So when you Hard Reset MyPhone A858 Duo and doesn't solve the bootloop issue on your MyPhone A858 Duo, your last resort will be to flash or update it. How to flash it? Use SP Tool to flash it.

How To Flash MyPhone A858 Duo Using SP Flash Tool
1. Open SP Flash Tool.
2. Press Scatter-file and look for the MT6575 Android scatter.
3. Press firmware upgrade.
4. Power off the phone. Press Volume Down then insert USB cable.
5. Install drivers
6. After success installing drivers, the software will begin to run.
7. Flashing is finish when you see the fifth image appeared up.
8. Power on the unit. Wait for about 1 minute.Smile.

Download all files HERE

How To Hard Reset MyPhone A888 Duo

Here is a guide on How To Hard Reset MyPhone A888 Duo.

1. Turn off your mobile device then remove your battery for 20 seconds. 
2. Put the battery back. 
3. Now press and hold volume up, volume down and power button. 
4. Press volume up button. Then choose wipe data/ factory reset, use the Volume up and down button, then use the menu key to select.
5. After that choose reboot then finish.


MyPhone MyPad2 Firmware Ready For Download

If you are searching for a  MyPhone MyPad2 Firmware grab it here dude while it's hot. You can use this to fix your MyPhone MyPad2 from common issues like stuck on logo, "too many pattern attempts" display on its screen and others. Just use PhoenixCard Software to burn it into your Micro SD Card.


How To Fix Common Issues Of MyPhone MyPad2

If your myphone mypad2 stuck on logo or "too many pattern attempts" displayed on its screen , and you can't find any Hard Reset Solution here is a guide on how to fix it.

Things you need:
1. PhoenixCard Software
2. Firmware MyPhone MyPad2 uploaded by Jaguar. hanks for the firmware.
3. Micro SD card, a usb cable plus your PC / Lappy :)

How To DO It? You must burn the firmware using your micro sd card VIA PhoenixCard Software. Just follow the images below.
1. Insert your Micro SD card on your PC. Be sure no other drives is inserted.  
2. Select drive, the software will automatically detect the drive.
3. Select the IMG File to upload firmware.
4. Click BURN.
5. After burning, put your Micro SD card on your tablet. Be sure the tablet is OFF. One more thing, be sure that you have at least 75% of battery charge
6. Power on the tablet. Notice it will automatically install the firmware that you have burned. 
See the image below, it must be like that. Wait until finish
7. Finally remove the Micro SD Card. Power on the tablet. SMILE :)

running.. just wait to finish


thanks to jalil_02 for the images

How To Root MyPhone A848 / A848i Duo

Hi. Let me share a post with you that I have read on the MyPhone A848i Duo FB Group. I'm sure it;a a big help for all of you MyPhone A848/A848i Duo users. But please take your own risk and you must know that rooting your phone will void its warranty.

How To Root MyPhone A848 / A848i Duo
1. On your phone, go to Settings>>>Developer options, then put a check on "USB Debugging". If it asks for confirmation, select "OK".
2. Download SRS One Click Root from their official website (http://www.srsroot.com/). Install it on your PC afterwards.
3. Connect your phone to PC using a USB Cable.
4. Press Windows Logo + R on your keyboard then type "devmgmt.msc". The Device Manager appears. If there's an unknown device named "MyPhone a848i Duo", you need to install the USB Drivers for your phone first, if there's no unknown device listed, please skip to Step 6, else, please minimize the Device Manager and proceed to next step.
5. Download the USB Drivers from here (http://www.mediafire.com/?bjmhatywml5cu3k), then extract the archive to desktop. Go to device manager and right click the unknown device "MyPhone a848i Duo" and select "Update Driver Software", then click "Browse my computer for driver software", check on "Include subfolders" and click "Browse", then double-click the "usb driver" folder you extracted earlier on the desktop, then click "Next". If the Windows Security dialog box pops up, click on "Install". Click on "Close" after finish installing the driver and exit the Device Manager.
6. Open SRS One Click Root (probably there's a shortcut on your desktop named SRSRoot for Android).
7. Click on "Root Device (All Methods) on the left pane. Follow the detailed instructions provided by the SRS One Click rooting tool.
8. At the end, it says "Rooting Complete". Exit the SRS One Click rooting tool.
You now have a rooted my|phone a848i duo! If you have any comments, violent reactions, or any steps that is very difficult for you to understand, please just comment! Thank you.

credits to: orig poster

How To Hard Reset MyPhone Rain 2G

Hi guys.. Sorry for not updating my blogs. I've been busy this past few days. But surely I will post all my repairs as soon as I have a couple of time. Like now: Hehe. Today I will teach you how to Hard Reset MyPhone Rain 2G, because there is a reply on my video on youtube asking on how to fix his MyPhone 2G.
Ok, Renzo, here is how to Hard Reset MyPhone 2G.

1. Power off your phone. Altogether press Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Button until you see like the image below.

2. If you see that image, choose Volume up to enter into recovery and you will see the android logo with exclaimation point like shown in the picture below.

3. Now just press the Power Button and you will see the selection below. Just select the "wipe data/factory reset" and press HOME key to do the task.

4. Then you will see choices again like the image shown below. Just select "delete all user" by pressing volume button to select it. Then again press HOME button to do the process

5. After that wait. And you've done hard resetting your MyPhone 2G :)


How To Flash/Update Myphone A818i duo

When you’re down and troubled, and you need a helping hand. Hehehe. Because your Myphone A818i duo was bricked or damaged in any cause. You have done hard resetting it  but it can’t help it. And end up searching the best solution. Well this is the solution now. You can flash you cellphone. Note this solution will work only if your phone has software damage. IF there is a hardware damage, well of course this method will not work. But, flashing your phone might end up bricking more of your phone if you did the wrong procedure. So take your own risk.  

How To Flash Myphone A818i duo Using sp_flash_tool_v3.1248.0.96
1.  Download flasher tool and firmware.
2. Open Flash_Tool.exe and press scatter loading. 3. Load firmware named “MT6575_Android_scatter_mtd_DH.txt“. 4. Press firmware upgrade. 5. Power off the phone and insert USB cable, then install drivers.Note: All drivers must be installed. If not, the phone will not be detected. 6. Wait to detect the phone after installing all drivers. Then it will automatically start flashing. 7. Wait for the operation to complete. You are finish when the green circle logo appears. 8. Do the hard reset after flashing.   see images below:

 credits:Aeolus, ginerz for the images


How To Hard Reset MyPhone A919 Duo

Good morning. Today I will show you how to hard reset MyPhone A919 Duo. Wala ng patumpik tumpik pa, I will tell you right away on how to do the reset method. Again in hard resetting, all files will be deleted.

This is the status of the unit. It has pattern lock

Just follow instructions below.

1. Power OFF the phone. Alisin ang baterya, then ilagay ulit.
2. Press the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power ON at the same time. When you see the factory reset recovery unpress all.
3. Select wipe data/factory reset. Use volume to select it. And press "CALL BUTTON" to run the o[peration or make the task of factory reset.

4. After that you will see like the image below. Select wipe all user data. Again use Volume to select it. And CALL BUTTON to run.

5. If wipe operation has finished, Reboot The System now.

6. Then wait for a few seconds, minsan matagal sya sa MyPhone logo. After that your phone must be okay now.

Note that you can also use this method if your stuck on logo only, or "too many patter attempts"

credits to: killer eye of gsmsandwich for the images
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