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Showing posts with label Android OS. Show all posts

How To Fix Dead Lenovo A319

A student came to me this morning with his dead Lenovo A319. He said that while watching on youtube from his smartphone it suddenly turned off. And he can't turned it on. I tested his battery at tried to connect to power supply and powered his Lenovo A319 but it really doesn't powered on. I think it's a software problem! To fix this problem you must flash it with compatible firmware.

2. I flashed it using my CM2 dongle. And it works fine :)
3. After turning on the phone, I found out that its IMEI is invalid. SO I decided to use NCK Box to repair its two IMEI.

See images below.

flashing via CM2 dongle

IMEI rebuild via NCK Box


How To Fix O Plus 8.38 Stuck On Logo

The very first thing to do id to hard reset it. How to hard reset O Plus 8.38? Just link here.  And if symptoms persist you must flash the phone. :) How to flash?

1. Download O Plus 8.38 Firmware
2. Download SPFlash Tool.
3. Open SPFlash Tool, and follow images below.

credits to marin for the image

- click scatter-loading and browse for the scatter file that you have downloaded
- choose formware upgrade
- power off the phone. Press DOWNLOAD on SPFlash Tool, then insert USB cable while holding or pressing volume down button
- the software must detect the phone and start flashing
- wait until done

Cloudfone Excite 504d Hang On Logo Fix By CM2 Dongle

Unit/Model: Cloudfone Excite 504d
Problem: Hang On Logo
Solution: Flash Via CM2 DOngle


How To Flash/Update Myphone A818i duo

When you’re down and troubled, and you need a helping hand. Hehehe. Because your Myphone A818i duo was bricked or damaged in any cause. You have done hard resetting it  but it can’t help it. And end up searching the best solution. Well this is the solution now. You can flash you cellphone. Note this solution will work only if your phone has software damage. IF there is a hardware damage, well of course this method will not work. But, flashing your phone might end up bricking more of your phone if you did the wrong procedure. So take your own risk.  

How To Flash Myphone A818i duo Using sp_flash_tool_v3.1248.0.96
1.  Download flasher tool and firmware.
2. Open Flash_Tool.exe and press scatter loading. 3. Load firmware named “MT6575_Android_scatter_mtd_DH.txt“. 4. Press firmware upgrade. 5. Power off the phone and insert USB cable, then install drivers.Note: All drivers must be installed. If not, the phone will not be detected. 6. Wait to detect the phone after installing all drivers. Then it will automatically start flashing. 7. Wait for the operation to complete. You are finish when the green circle logo appears. 8. Do the hard reset after flashing.   see images below:

 credits:Aeolus, ginerz for the images


How to install Android 2.3 on Coby Kyros MID7015

This is a quick tutorial on How to install Android 2.3 on Coby Kyros MID7015. This time we will flash a custom firmware. This time you must really take your own risk okay? First thing is to download Coby Kyros MID7015 firmware and flasher FWDN V7. Of course you need its USB cable.

How to install Android 2.3 on Coby Kyros MID7015
Flashing a custom firmware on Coby Kyros MID7015 is just the same as on Howt To Flash Croby Kyros MID1125. For the instructions just refer to the link HERE.

Some screenshot for you to follow:

credits to: znarf for the images

Step By Step Guide On How to Update your Cherry Mobile Flare to JellyBean 4.1.2

Hi. Last time I taught you How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Flare S100 right? And it's quite easy. Today I will show you how to update your Cherry Mobile Flare to JellyBean 4.1.2. But in upgrading your Cherry Mobile Flare you must take the risk, because you might brick your phone if things go wrong during the update process. So be sure that you back up all your files and full charge your battery.

First you must download all the necessary files like the firmware, the flasher, manual and the drivers. And the question is, why need to update? Of course first thing comes to your mind when you hear the upgrade is that, the new version or the higher version is better that the lower version right? Or any bugs that occured on the lower version has been fixed to the higher version, and many other features has been added. If you want to know the new features, just search it on the net :(

Ok let's start... You must have with you of course your USB cable. :)

First you must install the drivers. Power on the phone, connect USB, and it will prompt you to install its drivers like Android ADB Interface, Tianyu HS-USB NMEA 9025 and TIANYU HS USB Diagnostics 9025.

Copy the  "emmc_appsboot.mbn" and "emmc_appsboothd.mbn" on the folder named "592250_8572_V006031"

 Paste the two files here "92250_8572_WCDMA_V1011

On Flasher Tools, open EMMC_Download_v1.2.3. Click SELPATH.

Find the folder named "592250_8572_WCDMA_V1011"and click OK.

Then click "BACK UP_NV"

Then you will see "back up complete"

Then its time to discconect the USB cable and put the unit into download mode. How?
Power OFF the phone, or remove battery. 
Then insert it again. 
Press Volume Down and Power On at the same time until you see the "ENTRY QPST DOWNLOAD" appears on the screen like the image below. 
Then insert USB cable.

Then on the software, click DOWNLOAD.

If you see like the green color below, click END

Next is disconnect the cable and turn OFF the phone.
Open "QUALFAST2.0.5"
Click "SEL PATH"

Browse the folder named "592250_8572_V006031" and then click OK.

If you see the blue color like below, just click OK.

Then put the unit in Recovery Mode. Or green mode.
Press at the same time the Power On and Volume Up until you see the green color light. Unpress it immediately when green lights appears like shown below.

Then immediately insert the USB cable and the process will go on.. Wait to finish

After the process disconnect cable ang proceed to restoring QCN.
Power On the phone and connect USB cable.
Open "EMMC_DOWNLOADv1.2.3"
Browse for "592250_85722_WCDMA_V1011" and then click OK.
A window will pop-up, now choose the file "BAK.qcn"
Then the unit will automatically OFF.
Power it on again to CONFIGURE. See the images below.

Then you are now DONE

Now you are done...

Credits to techbunny of the gsmsandwich forum for the guides and images.

How To Hard Reset MyPhone A858 Duo

Recently we have discussed about How To Hard Reset My Phone A848i. I have uploaded the video on my youtube channel right? Since 1 follower commented on my youtube video, I will teach you then on How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile A858 Duo, as what michiell sintos was asking for... Oay, just follow the procedure below. This is just a 3-key combination.

Power OFF your phone. Press altogether the 3 keys: Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power On. Unpress immediately when you see like the image below.

As you can see the image above, there is a 2 option. The volume up, and the volume down. If you press volume up, it will turn to recovery mode. And volume down is factory mode. Of course what we will do is to hard reset the cell phone. So you must choose the volume down to enter into Factory Mode. Got It?! Then you will see like this, see image below.

Then if you see the word FACTORY MODE on the lower left of your screen, just press the Home Button.

Then after pressing the home button you will see this.

Again press the Home Button and you will see like this.

Then by using your volume key again, choose "wipe data/factory reset" then press you Menu Pad to perform the action or operation. I hope you know your menu pad. It is the pad after your HOME BUTTON. Very good. Hahaha!

Then you will arrive like the image below. Now use Volume Down to select the "delete all user data"

After selecting the delete all user data, again press your Menu Pad to perform or do the operation. And wait for a few seconds while the process is being running. After that you will arrive again at Android System Recovery Utility. Finally select Reboot System Now. And wait for a few seconds again.. After that I am pretty much sure that your unit has been formated. Set up your phone now. And smile to the fullest :D

credits to: gsmsolution forum for the images esp.the poster, muhsiyn


How To Update Sony Xperia CK15i Using Sony Ericsson Update Service

Good evening guys! Talking about Xperia cell phones, by Sony? Xperia hand sets have Android OS. Yes. Xperias are the top of the line hand sets of Sony Company. Some Sony Xperia has its own features like the auto focus, or music edition, and etc. I am an avid user of Sony Ericsson because of its clear camera output, like my Sony Ericsson K750i. I really love using it and enjoying its auto-focus camera.

Let me tell you first before we proceed to our main topic, that before we call it Sony Ericsson. But now, Sony Ericsson Company were separated. It became Sony Company only. And the other is Ericsson Company.

Okay, let's proceed. The tutorial that I will teach you today is How To Update Sony Xperia CK15i. Actually, the unit I have in hand right now has a problem. The problem is, it keeps on restarting. So the first solution you must think is to reprogram it. But how? Is there any free software to reprogram or update this handset? My answer is a big yes. YES! There is a free software to reprogram you Sony Xperia. Like other hand sets like Samsung, it has also its own free software which is downloadable over the net. So, there is no need to buy special gadget or gsm box just to reprogram your Sony Xperia right? All you need to have is a Sony Xperia USB cable, and a free software called Sony Ericsson Update Service.

Now I will teach you how to use it. First you must have at least 75 percent of battery percentage.Procedure are stated below.
1. Open Sony Ericsson Update Service(SEUS). If there is a new update, the software will update first.
2. After updating put a check on "I hereby accept the license agreement, then press start.
3. Then select you product(CK15i) and click next.
4. Then with the unit off, pree its home button and connect the usb. And install its drivers. All drivers must installed successful.
5. Then confirm installation, just click install.
6. Confir data removal, click yes.
7. Then the software will download first its firmware, just wait for a few seconds. After the download, it will automatically install its firmware.
8. When the software says "update completed", then you are done.

Below are the actual images of the software. I hope you can follow my instructions

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