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Showing posts with label cherry mobile. Show all posts

How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Fusion Ice Tablet

Here is a guide on How To hard reset your Cherry Mobile Fusion Ice tablet whenever is stucks on Cherry Mobile logo like show in the image below.

1. Power of the tablet. Press both Volume + and Power On button as show in the image below untill android logo appears.
2.  When you see the android logo, un-press the buttons, then press power on shortly, and you will be directed to android system recovery as shown in the image below. Now choose "wipe data/factory reset", just use volume down button. Then press home/menu button to do the process.

3. Choose "delete all user data", then press home/menu buton to do the process.

4. Reboot.

5. Smile :)


How To Fix Cherry Mobile SNAP V2.0 Went Dead Via Wipe

I have a post a while ago on How To Fix Cherry Mobile V2 Stuck On "too many pattern attempts" In case you did the wrong procedure and went up dead phone, this article will help you fix your problem. You must flash it with its full PAC file. 

How To Flash CHerry Mobile Snap Via research Download
1. Download Research Download.
3. Open Research Download, browse for the PAC file, tested by me.
4. Do not touch anything on the settings.
5. Just click START. 
6. Take out the battery. Press volume down and insert USB cable.
7. Now attach the battery by sliding it.
8. The software must start now. Wait until finish.

Other PAC files collection can be downloaded HERE

Cherry Mobile PAC Files

These are my Cherry Mobile PAC file collection. All are tested. Download all while its HOT!


CM SNAP by modffles

CM SNAP v2(black) tested by shortedboard

cm snap v2.0 tested by jhun_amaze

How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile ONYX

Cherry Mobile Onyx Specification
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Dual sim (both regular)
3.5 inch HVGA display
1 Ghz single core Speadtrum chipset
Dual band 2G, no 3G
2 MP rear without flash and front camera
128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM
WiFi b/g/n
950 maH battery
source: ronnotthedj.blogspot

How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile ONYX
1. Power off the phone. Press the Volume Down key and Power On key at the same time. When you see the ONYX logo, unpress the keys.
2. You will see the triangle icon with exclaimation point inside it as shown on the image below. Now, PRESS Volume Up key to go to Android System Recovery.
3. By using your volume down key, select "wipe data/factory reset", press Power On key to do the process.
4. Again use your volume down key to select the "Yess--delete all user data", press again the Power On key to do the process.
5. Finally reboot the unit.
6. Smile :)


How To Fix Cherry Mobile SNAP V2.0 Stuck On "too many pattern attempts"

As the usual issues for all Android Smartphones, the popularly known as "TMPA". But this Android Smartphone has no Hard Reset combination. The only solution for this is to wipe it via Research Download.

How To Wipe Movile SNAP V2.0[black]
2. Download spd tmpa.pac.
3. Open Research Download.
4. Follow instructions on the image below.

done wiping


Simple Trick On How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Fusion Storm

Hi. I just want to share to you the other method on how to factory reset Cherry Mobile Fusion Storm. You must have your laptop running on Windows7, you need ang micro USB. All you need to do is to dismantle the Android Tablet, unsolder the wires on its battery. Now, connect USB cable, then insert to your laptop. Wait to finish install drivers. Then see the tablet's screen now, wait until it gets into Recovery Mode. Then perform the factory reset method. 


How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Sapphire

Good day guys :) Hmmmmm... Question. Is there any key combinations on How To Hard reset your Cherry Mobile Sapphire? I guess there is no available ;)) So how to fix common issues on CM Sapphire like the populary known as "TMPA"?

I will tech you how:)

First you need to have a Research Downloader software, CM Sapphire usb drivers, and the PAC file.

How To Wipe Cherry Mobile Sapphire
1. Open Research Downloader. Browse for PAC file.
2. Set settings. See images below for the settings.
3. Click the third tab to START.
4. Take out the battery, press Volume Down and insert cable. Then put the battery. Install drivers.
5. Wait until done.
6. When done, power on the phone. Then smile :) Your CM Sapphire has successfully wiped!



How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Superion Ion Tablet

I have in hand this Cherry Mobile Superion with "too many patter attempts" displayed on its screen. How to solve it? Yes, it can be solve thru Hard Reset method. But how? Before that let's review the specifications for this very cheap tablet.

 Cherry Mobile Superion Ion Tablet Specifications
SOURCE: noypigeeks

  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • 7-inch multi-touch display
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 512B RAM
  • 4GB internal storage
  • microSD support up to 32GB
  • 2-megapixel main camera
  • 0.3-megapixel front camera
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 3G, HSDPA
  • Bluetooth, G-Sensor
  • 3000mAh battery

How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Superion Ion Tablet
1. Press Volume Up and Power On at the same time. And when you see the "Superion Ion" unpress the 2 buttons.
2. You will see the Android icon like seen on the first picture below.
3. Just press Power On shortly and you will see like the second image below.
4. Now select "wipe data/factory reset", then press Volume Up to do the process.
5. Select "delete all user data", press Volume up to to the process.
6. Reboot. You are done.


How To Update Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt To Jelly Bean v4.2.2

Hi. Today I will teach you  How To Update Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt To Jelly Bean v4.2.2. If there is a problem with you handset and wasn't be able to fix it via Hard Reset, the final solution is to flash it, or reprogram it. Update or reprogram to higher version is just the same, like this Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

Things needed.
1. Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Flasher. Download HERE
2. Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Firmware(Jelly Bean 4.2.2). Download HERE

Follow instructions below.

1. Extract both 0417 firmware and the flashing tool.
2. Turn off your Fusion Bolt.
3. Connect one end of the USB Port into computer.
4. Press and hold volume up while you are connecting one end of the USB port to your tablet.
5. Open Device Manager on your PC.
6. You should see the exclamation point on the "Unknown Device".
7. Right click it and click "Update driver"
8. Click Browse.
9. Navigate the folder where you extracted the Flashing tool.
10. Click OK. Wait until the prompt appears and click "Install Driver Software anyway".
11. The installation should be done.
12. Open the folder where you extracted the Flashing Tool.
13. Right click "setup" and select "Run as Administrator".
14. Install the Flashing tool.
15. Open the flashing tool.
16. Click "Replace" and navigate to the folder where you extracted the Ainol Novo 7 Venus firmware.
17. Click the fw file.
18. In recovery image, click image and click "rec".
19. In misc image, click image and click "misc"
20. In system image, click image and select "system".
21. Make sure that Format Data and Format Cache is checked then click Down. Wait for successful message and unplug your tablet.
22. Turn it on and you should see the boot of Ainol.

credits to:  Pinoyscreencast

Step By Step Guide On How to Update your Cherry Mobile Flare to JellyBean 4.1.2

Hi. Last time I taught you How To Hard Reset Cherry Mobile Flare S100 right? And it's quite easy. Today I will show you how to update your Cherry Mobile Flare to JellyBean 4.1.2. But in upgrading your Cherry Mobile Flare you must take the risk, because you might brick your phone if things go wrong during the update process. So be sure that you back up all your files and full charge your battery.

First you must download all the necessary files like the firmware, the flasher, manual and the drivers. And the question is, why need to update? Of course first thing comes to your mind when you hear the upgrade is that, the new version or the higher version is better that the lower version right? Or any bugs that occured on the lower version has been fixed to the higher version, and many other features has been added. If you want to know the new features, just search it on the net :(

Ok let's start... You must have with you of course your USB cable. :)

First you must install the drivers. Power on the phone, connect USB, and it will prompt you to install its drivers like Android ADB Interface, Tianyu HS-USB NMEA 9025 and TIANYU HS USB Diagnostics 9025.

Copy the  "emmc_appsboot.mbn" and "emmc_appsboothd.mbn" on the folder named "592250_8572_V006031"

 Paste the two files here "92250_8572_WCDMA_V1011

On Flasher Tools, open EMMC_Download_v1.2.3. Click SELPATH.

Find the folder named "592250_8572_WCDMA_V1011"and click OK.

Then click "BACK UP_NV"

Then you will see "back up complete"

Then its time to discconect the USB cable and put the unit into download mode. How?
Power OFF the phone, or remove battery. 
Then insert it again. 
Press Volume Down and Power On at the same time until you see the "ENTRY QPST DOWNLOAD" appears on the screen like the image below. 
Then insert USB cable.

Then on the software, click DOWNLOAD.

If you see like the green color below, click END

Next is disconnect the cable and turn OFF the phone.
Open "QUALFAST2.0.5"
Click "SEL PATH"

Browse the folder named "592250_8572_V006031" and then click OK.

If you see the blue color like below, just click OK.

Then put the unit in Recovery Mode. Or green mode.
Press at the same time the Power On and Volume Up until you see the green color light. Unpress it immediately when green lights appears like shown below.

Then immediately insert the USB cable and the process will go on.. Wait to finish

After the process disconnect cable ang proceed to restoring QCN.
Power On the phone and connect USB cable.
Open "EMMC_DOWNLOADv1.2.3"
Browse for "592250_85722_WCDMA_V1011" and then click OK.
A window will pop-up, now choose the file "BAK.qcn"
Then the unit will automatically OFF.
Power it on again to CONFIGURE. See the images below.

Then you are now DONE

Now you are done...

Credits to techbunny of the gsmsandwich forum for the guides and images.

Cherry Mobile Flare S100 Hard Reset Procedure, How?

Hi, I am here again. I have posted a while ago on How To Hard Reset ZTE Z992 Android Smartphone, but now, I have in hand this Android Smartphone Cherry Mobile Flare S100. The customer sair that she got 6 wrong atgtempts in entering her security code or lock code, that resulted in "too many pattern attempts", also known as TMPA like the image shown below.

 Hard resetting this cell phone is the same as that of ZTE Z992, but there is only a little bit difference. I will show you how. The procedures are as follows:

1. Press at the same time Volume Up and Power On for longer seconds. If you see greens creen do not unhold or unpress the keys untill you see the red screen.
2. Unpress the keys when you see the red screen, and will show you the recovery mode options.
3. Select "wipe data/factory reset", and press power on to run the process.
4. Select "delete all user data", press power on to run the proccess.
5. After the process, reboot the phone.
6. Wait for a few seconds, and now you are done.


Cherry Mobile 3-Day Sale

Catch the pre-early Christmas 3-Day Sale at SM Clark from September 13-15. Enjoy big discounts on Cherry Mobile smartphones.

Cherry Mobile Hyper dropped to P3,999. Flame 2.0, before it cost P5,999, but now it drops to P4,999. You can save minimum of P1000 up to P2000! So what are you waiting for? See you there!

Cherry Mobile Titan TV too many pattern solved here

I have in hand cherry mobile titan tv asking for google account. I use hard reset method like pressing VOLUME UP, HOME and POWER BUTTON BUT.................... NO LUCK! It's just STUCK UP!



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